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Pregnant, posting, then detained: Russia is cracking down on social media amid the Ukraine invasion (Grid 2022)

The hacked account and suspicious donations behind the Canadian trucker protests (Grid 2022)

Can fact-checking solve the misinformation pandemic? (Grid, 2022)

In evenly split Wisconsin, partisan divides may only grow (Wisconsin Watch, 2021)

‘Proud of my city’: Turnout down, but Milwaukee’s Black voters leapt hurdles to vote (Wisconsin Watch, 2020)

As coronavirus cases climb in Muskegon prison, families express fear and confusion (Muskegon Chronicle, 2020)

Sick with COVID-19, inmate can’t get out of prison even with AG, prosecutor backing him (Muskegon Chronicle, 2020)

Lakeshore communities say erosion is an emergency. Why isn’t the state acting? (Muskegon Chronicle, 2020)

The hidden world and overlooked problems of acting in video games (Washington Post, 2020)

The Expat Crew Campaigning for Bernie Sanders in France (POLITICO Magazine, 2019)

The Politics and Limits of Transportation Systems Around the World (Hyperallergic, 2019)

In a suburban apartment, nursing wildlife back to health (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2018)

Marching 16 miles, through the night, for suicide prevention (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2018)

To save the world, first they must save a building in West Philly (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2018)

Truelove prizes seeds and stories from around the world (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2018)

Dyker Heights Balks at Holiday Lights Gawkers (Village Voice, 2017)

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